Abstract: A relational database was developed tracking demographic and examination information for patients undergoing PET/CT studies. Methods: A worksheet was first developed to capture patient and study information which was then entered into a relational database. Reports were designed to provide administrative and clinical information. Results:
The great nation of the United States of America is a nation surrounded by multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds. It has citizens from all over the world including Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, African, India, Thailand, China, and even smaller islands like Cuba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. All the people coming into
Upon first reading Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle,” I was quite disturbed to see what was going on with the meat packing industry. It was disgusting and unbelievable that there were no sanitation rules and regulations required during this time. I am glad that Sinclair was able to bring this problem to
Stem cell research has been the topic of many debates recently. The upcoming elections have once again brought stem cell research to the front of the line during debates. Some people believe that stem cell research is unethical while others believe that it will save millions of lives. The purpose of this