What It Takes To Be A Leader - English Essay In the late nineties, I was the vice president of Afternoon Helpers, a district program in Switzerland, whose purpose was to improve the educational performance of students in the primary and secondary school
How Hitler Came To Power as Chancellor in January of 1933 - History Essay The main reasons Hitler became chancellor in January of 1933 were because the Nazi party used a strict regime of sensitive propaganda, the Nazi spokesperson, Hitler basically told the German people what they wanted to
Dorthea Lange and the Essense of Subject - Art Essay Symbols, generalisations are the language of politics, so it is not surprising to read of Dorothea Lange approaching her subject not as a human being but as “an essence”. Her actions show a political philosophy which
Modernism In Photography - Art Essay Edward Weston’s creative philosophy seems to be about internalising the camera process so that what the artist envisions and what the camera produces are as closely aligned as possible. Unlike pictorialists who
Surrealism As A Method of Interpretation - Art Essay The basic idea of Rosalind Krauss’ Surrealist ‘spacing’ seems to be that it uses the fact that photographs are both indexical and representative, and in arresting the flow of what we see as the ‘real’, this shows how we see
Combination Printing – Henry Peach Robinson Essay In Henry Peach Robinson’s writing on combination printing, it is interesting to see that the methods designed to give “greater facilities for representing the truth of nature” actually mean that the full indexicality