The Philosophy of Geometry - Math Essay I was recently assigned a Graduation Standard to complete. The Graduation Standard called for me to find an object in my community and figure out the objects height by using two different methods. The object I picked was a large pine tree. One method I used to find the height of the tree was the concept of similar triangles. In order to find the height with similar I needed to use my Hipsometer I made. A Hipsometer is a device that finds the angle of elevation.
Example Biographical Statement - Scholarship Essay Biographical Statement: Write an essay, describing yourself, your personal qualities, present activities, academic/professional accomplishments or ambitions for the future. The essay should be completed on this page.Born to a small Thai-Chinese family, I have been
Dhurakijpundit University - Proposed Program Plan Scholarship Essay Proposed Program Plan: Write a clear and detailed statement concerning your proposed major field of study, the specific area of your field, your study and professional objectives, and the reasons for undertaking this doctoral program. Explain the kind of program you wish to attend and how your proposed plan relates to
Dhurakijpundit University Scholarship Essay Prompt: Once you have successfully completed your study program under the Dhurakijpundit University Scholarship, besides teaching at Dhurakijpundit University, what do you plan to contribute to the growth and development of the university?“DPU's educational philosophy can be