Differing Points of View Towards Pollution There are two main points of view on pollution; that of the environmentalists and that of industry and big business. Basically, the environmentalists want all forms of pollution greatly reduced or eliminated. At the same time, industry and big business say it is too expensive to cut down on pollution. The Kyoto Accord is intended as a way for both sides to have some middle-ground.
Justice and Mercy In the World of Shakespeare Life isn’t fair. How often have we, in our despairing states and unfortunate circumstances cried out against the injustice of our predicaments? When a young child dies of a bone cancer, or a volcano destroys an entire village, we shake our heads and despair at the injustice of the situation.
Analysis of a body of critical work: Adrian Martin The first word that comes to mind in describing Adrian Martin, is diverse, he isn’t the kind of writer that sticks to one particular rigid form or topic, which is, of course, not to say that his works lack any kind of structure. After surveying a however small portion of his work one will come across an incredible variance of material, ranging from a fairly compact film review