Summary of “The Soviet Arms Buildup in Cuba” - Humanities Essay The statement originally read by John F Kennedy, delivered from the president’s office begins with Kennedy addressing his fellow citizens in an informative, yet personal tone. Foremost, he explains that the United States has “maintained the closest surveillance of the Soviet military buildup on the island of Cuba”. Kennedy is absolutely positive, and assures his listeners that they have hard evidence of active missile sites established in Cuba. The missile sites are of two kinds of set ups. The first are medium range ballistic missiles, capable of striking the United States, among other nations.
Summary of “The Port Huron Statement” - Humanities Essay (100 Level Course) The first passage, an agenda for a generation, begins with the author diving into an explanation that we as children of the United States grew up into the best and most comfortable world. We began to look on to the rest of our world with a bitter taste and in so our complacency grew. Even so, our ignorance could not be sustained forever, and things like the cold war and the atom bomb shattered our perfect worlds. Because of our nature and our societal comforts many of us chose to respond to these harsh realities by ignoring them directly and focusing more on the our own consciousness of these realities.