The large living room window is constantly smudged and slathered up by Miki, our golden retriever. When we are gone from the house, Miki stands sentinel anticipating our return. When my wife pulls her car
Life in the ER - Theology Essay Working in the emergency room of a hospital can be extremely hectic and demanding. Recently my cousin’s wife started a second career as an EMT in the ER. She could tell you how stressful it is at times and yet rewarding.
Grandma’s Light Bread - Theology Essay Grandma’s light bread would melt in your mouth. In the 1950’s, rural electric had not yet reached our part of the countryside. As kerosene lamps gave a golden glow in the kitchen, I’d watch grandma mix and kneed the bread dough, put it in pans, and then set them aside to rise overnight.
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