The Unromantic Ballroom of Romance - Arts Research Paper In his beautiful, award-winning drama The Ballroom of Romance, Pat O’Connor brilliantly exudes the gloominess and individual hopelessness of Irish life in the 1950’s. Unlike previous films such as The Quiet Man (1952) and Far and Away (1992), the film approaches Irish life from a non-romantic perspective. Rather than portray Ireland as a fantastic, scenic refuge from modernization,
Hiding Behind the Words - Anthropology Research Paper(300 Level Course) Within cultures across the world people express themselves and what their cultures stand for through song, stories, films, and poetry. Through her studies in the community of Awlad ‘Ali and in her book Veiled Sentiments, Lila Abu-Lughod interprets and describes the importance the poetry genre has in the Bedouin culture which exists there.